Take A Look At A Captivating Short Film By Stella Scott Capturing What Dreams Mean To Young Londoners

November 29, 2016
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Filmmaker Stella Scott has collaborated with Dazed to create ‘Reverie’ capturing the thoughts of some of London’s young dreamers via both film and photography, the short film give us a glimpse into the minds of the next generation who will have to eventually handle the fallout of post-Brexit and Donald Trump becoming President Of The United States.

“a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.” – Reverie

vivid depiction of youthful optimism at film and photography As we come to the end of the capturing the dreams and aspirations of young people by bothfilm and photography. The taken photos of all the young people involved, can be found on Scott’s personal Instagram accounts. The posts were accompanied by the hashtag ‘#thisisreverie’, along with each individual’s thoughts and dreams.

“I believe in a lot of things, I believe in love and I believe in peace too. Believing is saying that you can find a way, some way to breakthrough.”

Having worked with youth workers Stella Scott along with her partner Joanna Vieira, were able to get over 50 young people involved from The Participation People, Platform Islington, Kids Company (since closed) and Kings Corner Project (since closed).

Scott states: “There’s a lot of conflict between what people want and what people see around them, between the life they are sold and the one they are living. People are taught to be free thinkers, to dream big but they are still trapped in archaic stereotypes and systems. We have long been intoxicated by the idea of self-made success, but as the promise of possibility expands, the reality of inequality continues.” – Source – Dazed

Make sure to watch the short film above. 

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