Apple Unveils The New MacBook Pro With OLED Touch Bar, Touch ID & TV App

October 31, 2016
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After a long awaited 18 months, Apple has unveiled its new MacBook Pro for 2016, along with a brand new TV app for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. A new design, new features, new specs and a new colour option has been added, oh and the dramatic price hike for the MacBook Pro.



The New MacBook Pro – The Specs
The new MacBook Pro is thinner then ever, lighter and has Apples fingerprint scanner integrated into it bringing Touch ID payments straight to your a laptop.

Standard A ports USB (which are still used widely around the world) have now been remove and replaced with two USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports on each side that are used forconnecting external devices, transferring dater and power (Apples MagSafe has been removed as well).

Surprisingly Apple have decide not to replace the audio with their lighting port and have kept the 3.5mm headphone jack, but the HDMI port and  SD card reader are nowhere in sight.

For Apple’s new 13in MacBook Pro you have the chose between dual-core versions of the Intel i5 or an i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB storage space and Intel’s Iris 550 integrated graphics chip making it 76% faster video editing , 3D graphics and 103% performance faster gaming than it’s predecessor.

The new 15in MacBook Pro is avaliable in Intel’s i7 quad-core processor, an AMD Radeon Pro 450 graphics chip offering up to 4GB of video RAM, 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, making it 60% faster for gaming, 57% faster video editing and130% faster 3D graphics.

Of course you will be able to tailor the Macs to your specific specifications.


OLED Touch Bar
One of apples lastest stand out features for the MacBook Pro is their all new OLED thin touch display dubbed the “Tool Bar”. Sitting above the keyboard the touch bar serves as an interactive screen which allows multiple key fuctions depending on which applications are being used.

Apple is promoting the touch bar as tool to be used for everyday tasks as well as making it an internal tool to assist with video,music and photo editing and other apps. They hope the Tool Bar will  be used  as natural as using the trackpad, which has doubled in size this year.

Getting rid of the old school style keys has opened up the Tool Bar to new possibilities, the new touch bar will provide an entirely new range of customizable controls to the user preferences.

Mac users will still be able to use the playback, screen brightness controls which they are use to, however the options will change depending on the current App being used.

apple-macbookpro-04Their has not been any announcements on whether the Tool Bar will work with third-party apps, they have included Emojis and suggestions to finish a word or sentence when typing, just like your iPhone or iPad.

Apple announced LG’s UltraFine 5K Display For The MacBook


Have Apple given up on producing their own monitors, well this could be the case, for those who may need one or two or just a bigger screen LG has built a 5K display specifically for the new MacBook Pro. descirbie as the “ultimate docking station” by Apple executive Phil Schiller

The in-built display looks great, but sometimes you need a little more room to work, especially when it comes to design tasks. because it can simultaneously display from the laptop while charging it.

Stay tuned to us for updates on the screens.

Application Updates


Apple has update dated some of their application software to work with their new touch Tool Bar. Final Cut Pro and DJ pro are some of the applications which have been updated to integrate the use of the new Tool Bar. In Final Cut, Apple demonstrated an interactive view of the video timeline, even while video is being played on full screen and also  adds contextual controls for things like audio.

Microsoft Office, Pixelmator, Sketch and DaVinci Resolve are just a few of the apps which were announced that will support the use of the Tool Bar.

Apple’s New TV App

The Apple TV, iPad and iPhone have a new app called TV, the new app will provide the users with a unified hub that promises to help make accessibility easier of the apps 1,600 video content providers on the platform. Putting video TV streaming content in one easy to place to find, however two of the major players out it doesn’t include Netflix’s or Amazon.

This is no surprise as Amazon Video has never been on Apple TV, Netflix’s has decided to not take part even though it’s been available on streaming boxes, including Apple apple-tv-app-2Smita Saran, a Netflix spokesperson has said in a press release, “I can confirm we are not participating and evaluating the opportunity.” Netflix will still be available on Apple TV.

RIP? Macbook Air


Despite being beloved by students, bloggers, programmers, and people without an infinite amount of cash, Apple’s most popular computer seems to have been put to bed just like the 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone as they have quietly stopped selling the 11-inch version. Throughout the event their was know mention of a new MacBook Air, Apple have said dose still wanting one should go with the tiny MacBook Apple released last year however you can can still purchase a 13-inch MacBook Air for £949.

New Macbook ProThe 13-inch model non-Touch Bar costs £1,499 with the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar & Touch iD will start from £1,799 for the 13-inch and £2,399 for the 15-inch. The Touch Bar models will ship within two – three weeks whilst the non-Touch Bar 13-inch model ships out once your order.


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