Crep Protect Sends The Yeezy 350 Belugas In Space #spaceyeezy

October 13, 2016
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taking things to new heights watch as the yeezy 350 in spaceThe Yeezy 350 Belugas In Space

Yeezy 350 Belugas To Space


Protection out of this world…

Crep Protect Launch 001 – on 9th October 2016 – FAILED…
Crep Protect Launch 002 – on 11th October 2016 – FAILED…

Crep Protect Launch 003 – on 13th October 2016 – SUCCESS.

As part of Crep Protects new frontiers program, launch attempts began on the 9th October 2016. Its mission: to fly to Jupiter to test the effectiveness of its protection spray and to drop off a pair of Belugus to some ET’s.
Well, they only made it to the Earth’s atmosphere, where the CPxYZY probe encountered technical issues and was forced to make a crash landing.

So the sneaker heat landed back to Earth and the protection held up and passed Crep Protects classic water test.

Journey Statistics:

Altitude: 35,000 m
Ascent speed: 10mph
Descent Freefall: 200mph

Note: currently 2 pairs of Yeezy 350 Belugas missing on Earth. Last known locations, UK.

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