iPhone 6s Bend Test of the Rumored Aluminum Case

August 20, 2015
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With Apples “BendGate” 2014 incident, host Lewis Hilsenteger gives the Rumored Aluminum Case iPhone 6s Bend Test. You may remember sometime last year (2014) popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, which tested out the early criticism aimed at the iPhone 6 for being prone to bending in your pocket know as “Bend Gate”.

“It appears that the iPhone 6S (and likely the iPhone 6s Plus) will be made out of a completely different alloy than the iPhone 6. Based on the evidence gathered it’s likely that the upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will utilize a stronger 7000 series aluminum. This change will likely produce a more durable iPhone but it may be more costly to produce”.

The results indicate that where the iPhone 6’s case weak points have been made thicker and appears to be made from a more durable 7000 series aluminum, which is also the metal of choice for the Apple Watch.

More information on aluminum and alloys – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alumini…

Helpful research on this exact topic –


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